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We connect skills, people & organizations to unlock opportunities for growth

Since Cobrainer's inception as a SaaS company in 2019, we've been on a mission to revolutionize the way companies understand, utilize, and develop the skills of their employees. With our AI-based People Growth Platform, we're the only technology that deeply understands the true skill set of employees, guiding them on interconnected skills and personal development paths.

Today, Cobrainer is a dedicated team of over 60 professionals based in Munich, our city of origin. We're driven by the challenges our customers face and are committed to their success. We're all Cobrainers, and this is just the beginning of our journey to transform skill management and give people their path to grow.

Hanns - Chief Executive Officer

Hanns’ relentlessly positivity led him to become the architect of Cobrainer. He leads us with a decade of HR expertise and a unstoppable sense of curiosity, agility, and passion.

Sascha - Chief Technology and Product Officer
Sascha - Chief Technology and Product Officer

From consulting to founding his own venture, Sascha brings years of tech expertise and optimistic leadership. His style exudes confidence and precision to guide our amazing tech team in making our product people-centric.

Marc - Chief People Officer

A true people person with over 15 years of HR experience, Marc’s authentic and empathetic demeanor makes him a trusted leader in our team. As Chief People Officer, he believes that professionalism and fun go hand-in-hand.

Sarath - Chief Innovation Officer AI
Sarath - Chief Innovation Officer AI

Sarath combines entrepreneurship and research to spearhead AI at Cobrainer. Emphasizing empathy, he promotes persistence and open innovation as essential elements for driving transformative change.

Our Principles

Cobrainer team
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We Empower Growth

We provide tools and opportunities to help individuals and teams realize their full potential.

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We Pursue Excellence

We strive for excellence, focus on our mission, and are committed to innovative solutions.

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We are One Team

We believe in collaboration, seize ownership, and work together to deliver on our promises.

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We Dare to Innovate

We're not afraid to challenge the status quo. We learn, adapt, and innovate with courage.

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We Celebrate Progress

We treat everyone fairly, appreciate their contributions, and celebrate hard work, successes, and even failures as stepping stones to growth.

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We Build Trust

Trust and respect are the foundation of our relationships. We value open, honest communication.


We are Cobrainer

Innovative, driven, and always evolving: This is Cobrainer. We are a team of over 60 professionals, united in our pursuit of a single, transformative goal: To revolutionize skill management and give people their path to grow.

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