Massive Public Datasets


Cobrainer uses massive data sets from the web to train a semantic expertise intelligence built into its expertise management software

Universal Expertise Map


Its universal semantic expertise database Cobrainer uniies the raw expertise data into that is constantly updated.

Expertise Analytics Engine


Expertise Analytics engine generates with the expertise map at its core the insights form existing enterprise data.

Your Company


By analyzing the history of your employees’s past projects, Cobrainer help you to create teams of unusual combinations of know-how to develop innovative ideas.

Global database


Looking at the global expertise database, you can see where your gaps of knowledge lay and what other expertise might be useful and relevant for the advancement of your project.

Inter Connected, Visualized and Usable


Cobrainer’s unique expertise insights help company to make the most of their dynamic capabilities and knowledge of resources as they become visible, accessible and usable for the entire organization. This helps company to tap into new sources of innovation and stay competitive as they have a tool to explore and access their organization’s expertise in an unprecedented way.