Your Skills Secure and Private by Design

Our highest priority is helping you manage your skill data safely. That’s why security and privacy are key focus areas for our organization and within our product.

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Full Control over Data Sources and Visibility

360-degree data control: Your employees chose what data builds their skill profiles, who sees their profile, and how colleagues get in touch with them.

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Your Data Stored in Your Private Cloud

We commit to the highest security, encryption, and transparency of where, when, and how data is stored. We cherish privacy by default and if we modify our data processing pipeline, you’re the first to know.

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Security Baked into the Heart of Our Organization

Cobrainer, co-developed by German Works Council representatives, is approved by data protection units of the largest European organizations, and screened by the highest-grade information security certifiers.


Leading Edge Internal Security


Pentests & Customer-Driven Audits

Since December of 2018, Cobrainer has consistently performed its pentesting and active security initiative, in which we pull together industry leading experts to support us in our drive to keep your skill data secure. This program continuously provides tremendous value and frequent security improvements for Cobrainer, our users, and customers. We consider our pentesting and active security initiative one of the best investments for finding and fixing vulnerabilities in our services.

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Data Protection and Privacy Policy

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Data Processing Agreement

Our Data Processing Agreement (DPA) complies with the requirements of the GDPR.

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Group Works Agreement (“Konzernbetriebsvereinbarung”)

We guide you in the transparent process of creating your Group Works Agreement with your Works Council.

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Privacy by Design

Your user and organization data remains yours. Cobrainer will never sell customer and user data.

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Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy adheres to GDPR and the Privacy Shield Framework.

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Data Protection Officer

Cobrainer’s appointed Data Protection Officers oversee our ongoing compliance efforts.