Make Your Skills Visible.
Maximize Your Career Path.

Cobrainer instantly uncovers your unique skillset to give you confidence in the next best career move. Discover your potential and decide what skills to build on next.

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Your Skills are Truly Unique. Make Them Visible in Seconds.

Cobrainer uncovers your unique skillset from any data source that you provide, be it your CV, social network profile, HR system data, or your last online course. Your skillset today is the starting point of your career path.

Screenshot Cobrainer Software for Employees
Cobrainer Software Screenshot

Your Career is a World of Opportunities. Know Your Path, Every Day.

With your skill profile at it’s core Cobrainer finds unique job opportunities and career steps that truly fit you, while showing you how to get on that career path: what skill-gaps to focus on and what trainings to prioritize.


Personal Skill & Career Management

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Daily Career Discovery at a Glance

Cobrainer updates and informs you about new career options the second they appear on a job board.

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Career Coaching with Actionable Insights

Every new career recommendation includes personal insights on what to train and what skills to boost.

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Full Data-Control at Your Fingertips

You are in the driver seat on what data is used to generate your profile and you can change it any time.

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Instant Direction to Submit Application

With one click you jump to the relevant job board to apply or navigate to training opportunities to sign up.


Find Your Career Fulfillment

Increase Your

Knowing your career path will
make you even happier
at your company

Nurture Your

Knowing and communicating your skills and skill gaps show that
you are in control.

Boost Your

Becoming aware of your career options will elevate your courage
in your job today.


Why Employees Love Cobrainer

Transparent and Unbiased Career & Skill Coaching

Cobrainer focuses on your unique skillset and how you put it to work; not how you format your CV, your gender, or ethnicity.

Career Orientation Based on Emerging Job Roles

Our attention on emerging technologies ensures you always have a solid overview of new trends in your field and industry.

Encourages Non-linear Unconventional Paths

We help you make decisions with confidence, whether moving to another department or industry.

"After months of working from home during lockdown, I was craving new insights and perspectives. So I went on a job rotation. Over 6 months on our Data Science team doing social media analysis, I got a different perspective on the content I’d already been producing. I'm so glad Cobrainer makes it that easy to visualize my skills and to find career options in fields that you don’t immediately think of."
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User on the Telefónica platform