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Cobrainer GmbH
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Terms of Service Summary


Terms of Service

To use our services you need to agree to these terms and to be able to use them legally, which means you have to be 13 or older or otherwise not prohibited. These terms include our Privacy Policy, too. If you agree to and abide by the terms, you can use our services on your devices for your personal use only. If we change these terms, we’ll let you know, and if you still use the services, it means you agree to these terms.


Cobrainer’s Services and Your Personal Data

Using the Cobrainer Expertise Search generally can be done anonymously, but for our core features, like saving your expertise profile and your projects, searching and matching team members and experts, you need to create an account. You can create an account through our web application and you are responsible for the account you create. We help you create and save your expertise profile and your projects and we will protect and safeguard the information you give us to the best of our capabilities. At the same time we advise you to publish your expertise and your projects responsibly. We recommend to leave out intellectual property that belongs to you, that you think is sensitive and that you’re not comfortable publishing in a project description or your profile.
If you give us feedback on services and or features, through comments or email, for example, it means we can incorporate it into our services without credit or compensation to you.
If you submit content to our services, like information, pictures, etc., we don’t claim ownership of that. The content you contribute is your responsibility. You need to make sure you have permission to post it — and that we can use it in our services — for your protection and ours.
If you want to remove content you can, but we cannot guarantee that or be responsible for copies that may still be accessible on our services or elsewhere on the web.


Cobrainer’s Expertise Database and Your Expertise

When you agree to use our services and we give you a limited license to do so, you agree too use them responsibly and constructively. Cobrainer is constantly collecting millions of expertise related keywords from the web, to build its expertise database, but we are still on the look out for additional keywords, that you can contribute. If you help us by contributing expertise related keywords it means we can incorporate them into our expertise database without credit or compensation to you. By contributing new keywords you are helping to keep Cobrainer free for the public and you are helping to build a map of humanities expertise. We encourage you to do so and hope you enjoy it. Generally, you agree not ruin it for us or for everyone else using Cobrainer. If you don’t use our services well, we may suspend or terminate your account, or get the appropriate authorities involved. You are also responsible for the costs if we get sued because of your use of our services.


Warranty, Limitation of Liability

You agree to use our services “as is”. Cobrainer does not make any promises or guarantees about how or whether it’s services work, and there are significant limits to the damages you can recoup from us.


Third Parties

Through our services, you may access and/or interact with third parties, such as app stores and other websites, for which we are not responsible. In addition, their terms of service may be different and you are responsible for your compliance with them.



Both you as a user and we as the service provider can end this arrangement at any time if we’re not happy, but certain terms here we’ve agreed to will still be in effect.


Above is merely meant as a high level summary. These are not our Terms of Service. This is just a handy reference for understanding our Terms of Service and its key terms. This document has no legal value, and its contents do not appear in the actual license. For now, please get in touch with us for the full Terms of Service for the exact terms that apply. We will also have the full Terms of Service published right here shortly.

Data & Privacy Summary

Cobrainer’s privacy-related goal is to maintain your trust and confidence when we handle information through clear communication, meaningful choice, responsible information curation and stewardship.


How do We get Your Information?

When you use our service, we use information about you and other users. This enables Cobrainer to help connect teams, search for expertise relevant to you and match projects to the right team members. We receive that information about you in two ways when you use our services:


1. Information You Give Us
When you sign up to Cobrainer we will ask you to provide keywords that describe your expertise as well as account related information such as an email address and a password. All additional information we ask for is optional but it will help Cobrainer give you even better matching and search results. Using Cobrainer you will create, publish and share content such as a personal profile and project profiles. Content related information includes expertise keywords, descriptions, location, connected institutions and various media formats.


2. Information collected when you use the Cobrainer Services
When you use Cobrainer we will collect web log info, cookies, device and browser identifiers so that we can be sure it is you who is using your account and to give you the best user experience for our services.
Cobrainer also collects information on what type of projects you created, joined, left or projects you invited other Cobrainer users to. We also collect information on your interaction with projects, such as comments, posts and changes in membership role. Cobrainer uses this type of information specifically to update its expertise database – ultimately every action you perform on Cobrainer will update our relationship between expertise in our database.


How do we handle you Data?


1. In a secure location
We all understand that no one can guarantee it, but we try very hard to keep your data secure and you can help us by sharing information responsibly. Cobrainer uses multiple layers of security around your information and all sensitive information is encrypted. Using Cobrainer will always be private and you are the only one who can control who sees what information of yourself in Cobrainer – even our employee’s can’t see information, you don’t want them to see.

We will never share your email and account information. Once you delete your Cobrainer account we will permanently delete all of your information. If you have questions on our security infrastructure, please get in touch:


2. At Home or Abroad
Your data may not reside in the same country as you are.


3. Third Party Sites
If you click on third party sites, they may get your data, and they may have different policies than ours.


When do we share your data?

We only share the personal information you give us under the following circumstances:


1. You Agree
You give your consent to this sharing.


2. Partners that we trust Need It to Do Their Jobs
Select partners working with us abide by our confidentiality and privacy terms. We enter into a corporate transaction like an acquisition.


3. We Feel Compelled
We need to provide it for legal reasons or to prevent harm.


We Disclose It as Anonymized, Aggregated Statistics
We use aggregated data to improve our existing services and build new ones. We share this data externally publicly, and with our partners to let them know how we are doing.



Above is merely meant as a high level summary. This is not our Privacy Policy. It is just a handy reference for understanding our Privacy Policy and its key terms. This document has no legal value, and its contents do not appear in the actual license. For now, please get in touch with us for the full Privacy Policy for the exact terms that apply. We will also have the full privacy policy published right here shortly.

More Questions?


Please contact us if you have any questions about our operations, terms and policies. We encourage you to do so, as we intend to be very transparent and open about these. Thank you for your trust in us, and our services.


Last Updated: June 11th, 2018