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Cobrainer seamlessly integrates into your HR system landscape to collect, unify, and enrich skill data, creating the ultimate career and talent management solution for your organization.

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Proven & Seamless Integration

Cobrainer integrates deeply with your HCM, LMS, and Microsoft landscape. The result is an unmatched user experience that drives adoption and fortifies your workforce's future-readiness.

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Leverage existing employee data to generate detailed skill profiles for your employees within seconds. Maximize the potential of your SuccessFactors modules with enriched and unified skill data from Cobrainer.

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With Teams a daily essential, integrating visibility of career options and training courses into employees’ natural workflow increases adoption and user experience. Setting up your organization for success.

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LinkedIn user data creates an instantaneous employee skill profile, while LinkedIn Learning participation and completion rates jump with relevant courses directly linked in the user dashboard.

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Legacy services, such as SAP HCM, maintain compatibility, as employee data instantly generates detailed skill profiles for employees. As a result, recruiters have an easier time creating their shortlists for vacancies

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Complimenting and elevating Viva’s user-friendly learning aggregator with a powerful skill management component, Cobrainer increases transparency for the organization and enhancing user experience with additional insight.

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Cobrainer supercharges content management, by extracting keyword data to identify skill indices and generate employee profiles in seconds. Then fill your needs by searching for skills directly within Sharepoint.

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Easily integrate and visualize data generated by your employees’ Cobrainer profiles into Power BI, making your insights more understandable, visible, and actionable in intuitive dashboards.

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Education tech gets a participation and completion boost with Cobrainer. Connecting amazing content to employee skill gaps, the integration helps the user understand how courses help achieve their career goals.

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Cobrainer aggregates, harmonizes, and increase the value of Workday data to complement and enhance HCM results, rounding out your strategic workforce management solution.

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As Servicenow helps you know where to staff your employees and when, Cobrainer takes it one step further. We enhance streamlined workflows by helping you find the right people with the right skills for the right place and time.

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Utilizing existing data from Taleo, Cobrainer instantly creates employee skill profiles and leverages the data to work for you with easily identifiable candidates, creating velocity and actionable insights.