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4 Min: Support HR before it's too late

HR teams have held workforces together for 2 exhausting years. Time to help them recuperate 🌸

Human Resource Executive
Future of HR
A Great HR Resignation is coming. Is your organization ready?
5 Min: Is 4 the magic number?

Shorter can be better—but only if you've prepared properly ✍️

BBC Worklife
Workforce Evolution
The realities of the four-day workweek
5 Min: How Bias Distorts Promotion Decisions

The career ladder has been made harder for women to climb than men. Here's why—and how you can fix it

Yale Insights
Employee Perspectives
Women Aren't Promoted Because Managers Underestimate Their Potential
2 Min: Reskilling is Key

Want to future-proof your organization? You'll need a reskilling program 🌱

Learning & Skills
Getting skills transformations right: The nine-ingredient recipe
3 Min: Cobrainer Expands Management Team

Munich startup gains an IT expert 👾 to drive product development

Gail Wilcoxen
Big News
New CTO Sascha Stojakovic joins Cobrainer’s mission
5 Min: People Analytics at Work

Employee data is the gold mine HR leaders should dig into to become true strategic partners ⛏️

Human Resource Executive
HR Tech
How Colgate, NCI and Panasonic found insights hidden in their HR data
3 Min: Hybrid is Here to Stay

Leaders can create a true hybrid work model by understanding what employees need now 🤝

Harvard Business Review
Workforce Evolution
5 Key Trends Leaders Need to Understand to Get Hybrid Right
3 Min: Talent Mobility as a Cornerstone

True mobility 🏃‍♀️ is the ingredient to your benefit recipe to keep your best talent creatively.

Future of HR
Make Your Global Talent Mobility Strategy Your Antidote To The Great Resignationn