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4 min read: Upskilling is future-proofing

Invest in your employees—not in new hires—to fill your skill gaps.

Gail Wilcoxen
Learning & Skills
Upskilling is More Important than Your Hiring Strategy: Here’s Why
2 Min: Want good retention? Get rid of dead-end jobs

A new McKinsey study looks at why people are still quitting their jobs and what you need to do to convince them to stay 🤝

Fast Company
Workforce Evolution
Employees are leaving these industries at higher rates. Here's how to keep them
4 Min: Bad managers cause poor engagement at work

State of the Global Workplace 2022 Report gives insights into why Europeans are dissatisfied at work—and how to fix it. 🔧

Workforce Evolution
Europe Gets Life Right, but Work Wrong
5 Min: Thriving as the new standard and the 5 Ps to people happiness

Learn how Microsoft reassessed its employee satisfaction to evolve their growth. 🌱

Harvard Business Review
Employee Perspectives
Why Microsoft Measures Employee Thriving, Not Engagement
5 Min: A quintet of tips to stay proactive in hybrid work

Smoother inclusivity in hybrid work in a few steps & your team's physical distance still gets results 🙌

Harvard Business Review
Workforce Evolution
5 practices to make your hybrid workplace inclusive
5 Min: Future work must be more agile to combat skill disruption

BCG analyzed 15 million job posts to discover out how work is changing. Here's what they found 🔎

Boston Consulting Group
Workforce Evolution
Shifting Skills, Moving Targets and Remaking the Workforce
4 Min: Support HR before it's too late

HR teams have held workforces together for 2 exhausting years. Time to help them recuperate 🌸

Human Resource Executive
Future of HR
A Great HR Resignation is coming. Is your organization ready?
5 Min: Is 4 the magic number?

Shorter can be better—but only if you've prepared properly ✍️

BBC Worklife
Workforce Evolution
The realities of the four-day workweek