Unlock Employee Skills
Maximize Your Bottom Line

Cobrainer provides your employees with fast and easy skill and career management. Activate their potential for your future talent demands, and increase happiness, retention, and profits. We call it the Career Experience Platform.

Screenshot Cobrainer Software Data VisualizationScreenshot Cobrainer Software for Companies
Screenshot Cobrainer Software for Companies

Career Transparency
in Seconds for Your Entire Workforce.

Cobrainer’s simple software generates employee profiles and shortlists in seconds while promoting employee awareness. You can make unbiased hiring decisions, while your employees get an overview of their potential.

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Make Your Workforce the Catalyst for Your Organization's Future.

Ensure your organization’s future-readiness, by maintaining employee skill currency. As the biggest challenge of our time, you and your workforce can keep up with ever-evolving talent needs and the latest trainings.


The Profit Boosting Skill Platform.

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Unparalleled Speed in System Integration

Cobrainer has a broad portfolio of system connections, that has you up-and-running in short time – You’ll have a hard time finding a smoother system integration.

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Full Control and Ultimate Data Security

Cobrainer keeps you in the driver seat on what data builds your team’s profile – You have full oversight and all data is securely stored in EU servers.

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Talent & Career Mobility Boosts Your Bottom Line

Every new career recommendation includes insights on what to train and what skills to boost, giving you pinpoint precision in talent development.

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Achieve Quantified Business Impact.

2x - 4x
Internal Applications

Fill positions with those who know your company best: your current employees.  

EUR 23.000
Savings per Position

Retain top talent and company experts, utilize their skills more and save.

2x - 4x
Internal Applications
30% in 30 Days

Boost adoption rates, potential savings and job satisfaction through our team.


Why Organizations Love Cobrainer.

Significant Savings in Time, Cost and Effort

We give your entire organization a transparent overview of candidates, their skills and streamline HR processes.

Increased Commitment and Greater Trust

We help you make unbiased decisions when selecting suitable employees for jobs or projects, reducing hiring friction.

Growth in the Value
of HR-Generated Data

Our software seamlessly integrates with any HR system through our single-point-of-entry web application.

Full Control of Profile and Shared Data

Our commitment to your privacy puts you in the driver seat, where you determine your profile information and who sees it.

„Thanks to Cobrainer’s solution #BEYOND, Telefónica Germany is evolving internal recruiting and training opportunities to encourage our employees to develop both personally & professionally.“
Mitarbeiter 9
Markus Rolle
CFO, Telefónica Deutschland