Our Company Strives for

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Our Why
Our How
Our What
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We exist to give
everyone a

path to grow

That means you get the greatest chance to pave your way and dictate what happens in your career.

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We connect skills, people & organizations to unlock

opportunities for growth

That means everyone has the transparency they need to define and pursue their goals together.

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We envision a world where our freedom to grow inspires

limitless human potential

That means helping to build something bigger than ourselves that brings lasting and universal benefits for all.

Our Story

Sometimes great ideas start as a scribbled note at midnight. A simple notion: people with unique skills only push innovation forward when they work and grow together. We’re all Cobrainers! Established as a SaaS company in 2019, we help our partners and customers empower their own Cobrainers with today’s leading skill management solution. Our People Growth Platform enables faster, more targeted and more successful internal hiring and learning.

Our Beliefs

Every person has
unique potential

Only diverse skill sets & creativity can solve future challenges

Success is living your true calling

Finding fulfillment, authenticity & self-determination matters

Personal growth
advances society

An individual’s success creates better opportunities for all

Technology augments
human creativity

Technology’s purpose is to reinforce, not replace


Culture Created
Culture Lived

Culture ceated by Cobrainers themselves! Diverse, smart and driven, our people make up who we are and live our why. Our culture evolves with every newbrainer, staying dynamic, fresh and growing. Our culture rocks. You can help make it rock harder.

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Our leadership team

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Want to Add
To Our Culture?

We love New Brainers! We’re on the move and could use some more cool people to add to our already-cool team. So check out what type of remarkable career you could have at Cobrainer.

Have a look to see if we’re a good fit for you!
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