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Our Story Fluff-Free

Without the marketing fluff, we’re still all about people and their growth. That’s why we created our AI-based People Growth Platform for internal skill management. Established as a SaaS company in 2019, Cobrainer manages hundreds of thousands employee profiles for enterprise customers.

Our software’s clever matching algorithm recognizes and matches over 500,000 individual employee skills with suitable positions, projects and training opportunities. It’s excellent for career planning and training and the key to more skill transparency, better recruiting and employee retention.


Lend Your Voice to the Movement!

A movement is only as good as its megaphone. So join our chorus of believers, thought leaders and do-ers, to help people continuously learn and grow.

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Built around People

Cobrainer was born from the idea that innovation is only possible when people with diverse skill sets work and grow together. We’re all Cobrainers—following our true callings, sharing our knowledge, and constantly learning to accomplish amazing things in life and work.

We build people-centric technology because our tech is for people, not (just) HR. Want to learn more about what we’re all about?

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