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We work with diverse partners and like-minded collaborators to bring skill-based growth to everyone! Let’s find out how we can help you help your people.

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Our Partners are People People Too! Are You?

We collaborate with HR consultants, Resellers, SaaS companies and thought leaders—and we’d love to work with you too! Are we a solution to fill that gap in your portfolio? Let us know! Are you a fan of what we do and want to find a way to collaborate? Let’s talk! Are you convinced that we’re your competitors? We’re not!

Check out a few of our partners below and then get in touch with our friendly partner team to find out more.

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HR Transformation & Change Management

Change is all around us and we help you and your clients make the most out of it. Cobrainer enables smooth transformation with skill transparency. Our People Growth Platform provides you the tools to solve your clients challenges.


Boost your Platform with Cobrainer

If SaaS is your game, then connection is our claim. Round out your portfolio with the world's largest skill database. Your customers get more targeted learning & skill transparency, while you fill in the gaps to create a world-class solution.

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Wait… you’re in the business of leading the pack through theory, reselling and gold-medal winning practices? Amazing!  Let’s talk! We’re part of a movement to make life better for everyone and we can do it if we combine our voices!


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A rising tide floats all boats, they say. And your boat can benefit from ours—which happens to be connected with some of the world’s biggest companies. So join our community and let’s all prosper together!

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Whether you’re in consulting, leadership, technology, or reselling, we want to explore ways to grow together.

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