Guide Your Peoples’ Growth, Skill by Skill

Automatic, personalized internal career, skilling, and learning recommendations for every employee supercharges people development and employee retention.

Your People Live & Love Growth

Savings in recruiting and retention per 1000 users
Increase in
internal applications
Increase in
top-talent retention
Increase in Training & Course Completion

Automatic Personal
Skill & Growth Profiles

Employees generate personalized automatic profiles in seconds, by analyzing both internal and external data, such as social profiles, work history, performance evaluations, training records, and external skill certifications. The profiles provide a comprehensive overview of each employee's skills and areas for growth

Actionable Details on
Skill Strengths & Gaps

Every employee get’s detailed breakdown of their current skillset and areas for improvement, as well as suggestions for how to close any identified skill gaps. This information is valuable for both employees and managers, as it helps employees to focus their development efforts and enables managers to provide targeted support and resources for skill acquisition.

Smart Internal Career
& Learning Paths

Employees’ skill & growth profiles as well as skill and job market trends are used to suggest personalized internal career steps for each employee. These career steps outline specific skills, which employees should focus on acquiring or improving in order to reach the career steps, and suggest relevant learning resources and opportunities within the organization. This helps employees to take an active role in their own career development and helps managers to support their team's growth.

Targeted Careers

Get your people excited about the right learnings that accelerate their careers and your business at the same time; targeted learning with the world’s largest skill database gives employees the development options they want—and means less work for you.

Better Leaders

Your managers and team leads will be super-charged career and up-skilling coaches for their teams in no-time; with unparalleled insights on their teams strenths, gaps, and ambitions, they conduct world-class people development talks in under 1 minute prep time.

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