Bring Your Best Talent To Every Job, Instantly

Automatic, personalized internal career, skilling, and learning recommendations for every employee supercharges people development and employee retention.

Mission Critical Jobs Filled Fast

Savings in recruiting and retention per 1000 users
Saving per internal staffing vs. external staffing
Increase in internal staffings for jobs
time-to-shortlist for every new job opening

Automatic & Unbiased
Employee Shortlists

Recruiters and hiring managers automatically receive employee shortlists for all jobs using a skills-based approach, which means that candidates are selected based on their demonstrated skills. This helps to ensure that the hiring process is unbiased and that the best candidates from any department are considered for each new job.

Automatic Required-Skill Profiling for All Jobs

No curation or additional work for recruiters and hiring managers: Cobrainer automatically generates a profile of required skills for every new job opening in your Organization; This provides a clear picture of the skills needed to succeed in each job, and can be used to inform hiring decisions, employee development plans, and succession planning.

Actionable Details on Candidate Skill-Fit

Employee recommendations include a breakdown of skills and how they align with the requirements of the open position. This ihelps hiring managers understand in seconds, how well a candidate's skills match the needs of the role and to make informed hiring decisions. In addition to the skills data, the shortlists include individual course recommendations for each candidate, so that hiring manager can make recommendations to the candidate in question on how to best prepare for the job.

Strengthen Managers

Your managers and team leads are tackling urgent and complex projects and deliverables every day with their teams; Now they have the tool that fills their critical vacant positions in minutes with colleagues that are already onboarded and active in your organization.


Vacancies and projects all receive internal employee shortlists in seconds –  And with skills-based employee recommendations your recuiters, staffers, and hiring managers remove the selection bias – They truly see every great employee match across all your departments.

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