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Seamless integration of skill management, skill detection, and skill-based recommendation into your existing SAP SuccessFactors. Our interfaces to  for easy integration and clean data exchange.

SAP-tested Skills Engine Interface Integration

The Cobrainer solution deeply integrates into your existing SuccessFactors landscape by using actual recruiting, talent, and learning data to create highly industry-specific skill profiles, automatic internal career and up-skilling recommendations as well as automatic employee shortlist recommendations for every job, project, and training. Thanks to our SAP-tested program interface, integration and clean data exchange are guaranteed. Find out more about the advantages of system integration here.

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About SAP SuccessFactors

SAP SuccessFactors is a cloud-based software solution specializing in human resource management. It offers a comprehensive suite of applications to support HR processes such as talent management, human resource development, payroll, HR administration and recruiting.

Integration SAP SuccessFactors x Cobrainer

The SAP-tested Cobrainer solution  deeply and seamlessly connects with with core features and modules within your SuccessFactors landscape, such as the Talent Profile, Job Profile Builder, Capability Library, Performance & Goals, Recruiting Management, and Learning.


SAP Human Capital Management (HCM) is an integrated personnel management system that can be used to map the hierarchical structures of a company and the relationships contained therein and to manage and develop employees. The SAP HCM module thus supports the HR department in both operational and strategic tasks.

Integration SAP HCM x Cobrainer

With Cobrainer ‘s SAP HCM integreation, employee master data, job requisitions and SAP LSO courses are automatically and continuously analyzed. This ensures data harmonization and consistency between skill management and HR core while reduces manual effort almost to zero.