Community Management

Making connections with the highest potential for value add

Make the right connection


Having people with diverse backgrounds come together to exchange thoughts is a great stimulus for the

creation and nurturing of ideas and business. The tricky bit is whom to connect with whom.

Cobrainer‘s Expertise Intelligence Engine takes the guesswork out of the equation. It uses AI to connect the right people based on their expertise and expertise needs!

Cobrainer identifies relevant people, teams or companies
to engage with. e.g.:

Make the right connection

Connecting companies based on offered and sought after expertise


At conferences:

Searching for and recommending interaction of participants based on their expertise profiles

At tradeshows:

Matching buyers and sellers to drive more targeted engagement

Connect the right people


Based on our REST API, Cobrainer‘s Expertise Intelligence Engine integrates into the community management platform that you envision!





Cobrainer’s client base spans across:


  • automotive
  • manufacturing
  • energy
  • pharma
  • chemistry
  • financial service
  • professional services

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