Innovation Management

Identify and empower the opportunity inside your company

Facilitate User Acceptance, Engagement and Collaboration

Building up user acceptance and driving engagement is a critical success factor, when introducing and rolling out a new innovation management platform.

Cobrainer‘s Expertise Intelligence Engine speeds up user acceptance by empowering users, facilitating engagement and driving collaboration.

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Accelerate idea evaluation and free up resources

A speedy and robust evaluation process is key to managing user expectations and keeping the engagement up. But how can this be achieved when you have a high volume of submitted ideas and only a limited set of reviewers?

Cobrainer‘s Expertise Intelligence Engine accelerates the idea evaluation process through reducing the noise, clustering of ideas and instant expert identification.

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Manage expertise driven innovation communities

Collaboration fosters innovation – as employees build upon each other‘s input. Now imagine enabling such collaboration between the right people – focused on a set issue. You drive your innovation potential to a new level!

Cobrainer‘s Expertise Intelligence Engine allows you to set up and manage such expertise driven innovation communities. Now you can unleash their potential with laser-focus on a set topic.

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Think innovative


Based on our REST API, Cobrainer’s Expertise
Intelligence Engine integrates with your existing

workflows, processes and IT landscapes in innovation






Cobrainer’s client base spans across:


  • automotive
  • manufacturing
  • energy
  • pharma
  • chemistry
  • financial service
  • professional services

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