Project Collaboration

The success of a project depends largely on staffing it with the ‘right’ people

Accelerate project staffing and cut down on setup time

The success of a project depends largely on staffing it with the ‚right‘ people. Now imagine you could get going with your project ‚now‘ - instead of starting a time-consuming search for the best fitting people!

Cobrainer‘s Expertise Intelligence Engine identifies for a given project the necessary skills and recommends employees with the best fitting expertise. Done. No longer a time consuming search and discovery process.

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Make expertise readily discoverable. Know whom to approach

Ever sat on a project with a hard nut to crack and you couldn‘t find the appropriate person to shed light?

Cobrainer‘s Expertise Intelligence Engine makes your organization‘s expertise discoverable and shows you whom best to approach.

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Facilitate project assessments and project proposal creations

For project assessments and proposal creations, the time to prepare is often short and finding the relevant information quickly is critical - as you otherwise run the risk of either getting an assessment wrong or not getting through with your proposal.

Cobrainer‘s Expertise Intelligence Engine helps you find the right resources to move your thinking forward fast.

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Cobrainer’s Expertise Intelligence Engine in your own Microsoft work environment

  • Expertise search is best done in a familiar environment, where employees can search for and find expertise in their day-to-day operations.
  • Cobrainer’s Expertise Intelligence acts as a uniting layer across Microsoft applications. It provides standardized interfaces and seamless workflows, ensuring an efficient and effective access to expertise insights.
  • Provide access to Cobrainer within Microsoft SharePoint or your Office 365 applications – and your employees can find expertise in seconds.
  • Cobrainer runs on Microsoft Azure and connects seamlessly with offerings of the Microsoft Ecosystem
  • Get automatically logged in with your Microsoft Azure Active Directory credentials – start using Cobrainer immediately.

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