Talent Development

Retention and development of existing employee talent pools is becoming increasingly important.

Individualized employee development


Cobrainer‘s Expertise Intelligence Engine facilitates a more targeted and individualized employee development program. e.g. making individualized course recommendations and finding matching open job positions.

Cobrainer‘s Expertise Intelligence Engine helps companies
in engaging and developing their employee base.

Based on existing skillset

Cobrainer recommends available trainings and courses for a given employee

For succession planning

Cobrainer suggests employee candidates that best fit a specified job position

For employee development

Cobrainer suggests open job positions that best match to the skill profile of the employee

Take the Talent development
to a new level


Based on our REST API, Cobrainer‘s Expertise
Intelligence Engine integrates with your existing
workflows, processes and IT landscapes to take
talent development to a new level!
Cobrainer’s client base spans across:


  • automotive
  • manufacturing
  • energy
  • pharma
  • chemistry
  • financial service
  • professional services

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