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Highly detailed and real-time skill data of all employees, jobs, projects, and courses; This means you have a data-driven and detailed action plan for your organizational transformation.

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Unprecedented Detail in Skill Portfolio Overview

Unprecedented Detail in Skill Portfolio Overview

Your management gets an unprecedented overview of the skills held by your workforce as a whole. The overview includes information on the distribution of skills within the organization, as well as the skills that are most highly represented and those that are in high demand but underrepresented. This information can be used by HR and business leaders to identify skill gaps and areas for investment in employee development, as well as to inform workforce design decisions.

Actionable Workforce Transformation Data

Strategic workforce management gets relevant missing industry-specific skill needs based on business goals and industry trends, as well as recommendations for how to bridge any identified skill gaps. By using this data, organizations make data-driven decisions about their workforce and drive successful transformation initiatives.

Industry-Specific Skills Data Out-of-The-Box

You get a fully pre-populated skills and competencies dataset specific to your industry, eliminating the need for HR to curate and maintain data. The skills data is continuously updated to reflect the latest industry trends, ensuring that it remains relevant and accurate. By providing industry-specific skills data out-of-the-box, our software helps organizations to quickly and easily get a handle on the skills and competencies that are most in demand within their industry, making it easier to identify skill gaps and make informed decisions about employee development and hiring.

Industry-Specific Skills Data Out-of-The-Box
Zero skill data curation and data maintenance effort
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Zero skill data curation and data maintenance effort

With Cobrainer you have a leading-edge skill-data-subscription, skill-detection engine, and skill-based recommendation intelligence at the core of all your people processes –This means no more maintaining of competency catalogs, no more expensive future-skills lists, and no more skill data maintenance in huge excel tables. HR and people managers can focus on their actual job: Real, direct employee engagement and next-level people processes.

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