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Our Philosophy

Life should be full of opportunities to learn & grow! At Cobrainer, we believe that personal growth should
be a universal right. That’s how we operate. From parental leave to career & personal development
courses and mental health check-ins, we’ll support you on your growth journey.

So… what are you waiting for? Join us and make a remarkable career for yourself!
In the process, we’ll enable everyone to create lives that are just that —



Cobrainer is a safe space for me. I get to work with amazing & talented people who’re always ready to step in when I need them.


If Cobrainer was a movie, we’d be Lord of the Rings Skills: A diverse group of determined people striving for a better future.


I want to launch and develop the first personal growth platform in the world—exactly what I'm doing at Cobrainer.


At Cobrainer, we are passionate & eager to learn new things. For me, more than a job—it’s a calling & part of my personal growth journey.


On top of our great colleagues, I love our beautiful office, our reeeeeally cool benefits, events & (important) our cute office dogs!
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Culture Created
Culture Lived

Culture created by Cobrainers themselves! Diverse, smart and driven, our people make up who we are and live our why. Our culture evolves with every newbrainer, staying dynamic, fresh and growing. Our culture rocks. You can help make it rock harder.

How We Hire

1. HR Interview
2. Teammate Interview
3. Challenge in between
4. Team Interview

Why You’ll Like Being
a Cobrainer!

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You Get a
Competitive Salary!
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30 Days Recharge
& Special Days Off
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Flexible Desks
& Flexible Work
infinity learn
Serious Investment in
Your Individual Growth!
power knowledge
Greater Physical Fitness
with EGYM Wellpass
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Better Mental Health
with OpenUp
office dog
coffe cup
Lots of
Team Activities
growth switch
People Positive

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