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People Growth

Automatic, personalized internal career, skilling, and learning recommendations for every employee; This means supercharged people development and retention.

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Internal Recruiting

Every job opening and project receives an automatic, skill-based shortlist of relevant internal employees; This means you recruit faster, more cost-effective and unbiased.

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Workforce Transformation

Highly detailed and real-time skill data of all employees, job, projects, and courses; This means you have a data-driven and detailed action plan for your org transformation.

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People Growth = Company Growth

Your leadership team and your CFO will love People Growth as much as all other employees will, because it generates direct savings and has proven repeatedly to contribute handsomely to your bottom-line!

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Unprecedented Sign-up Rates

25% of your workforce will have a highly industry-specific skill profile within 30 days of the go-live.

Boosted internal staffing

Skill-based internal career transparency and internal active sourcing will 4x your internal staffings and minimize your external recruiting need.

Zero skill-management overhead

Talent management and HR are no longer burdened with skill data management due to a self-updating skills intelligence.

Real-time transformation data

The central skill data layer for all employees, jobs, and courses means management gets accurate and real-time skill transformation insights.

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The Future of Work Needs People Growth

Marianne Janik,
CEO Microsoft Germany

Microsoft Germany’s CEO shares her vision of how we can prepare for better work, happier people and remarkable careers.

we build people tech

We build People Tech

Cobrainer was born from the idea that innovation is only possible when people with diverse skill sets work and grow together. We’re all Cobrainers! We build people-centric technology because our tech is for people, not (just) HR. Want to learn more about what we’re up to?
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