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Expertise Intelligence.

The digital platform for driving internal mobility and employees' life long development.

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Cobrainer is working with industry leaders to help them retain, manage, and build their exceptional talent.
Since 2017 Microsoft program and distribution partner. Implementation partnerships with world-class consultancies.
Cobrainer's AI technology is being put to work to unlock the value of your company’s resources.
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With Cobrainer, I can quickly create new job requisitions and find internal candidates within seconds.


When a new job is available that fits my interests, Cobrainer shows me relevant opportunities.

Business Managers

Cobrainer helps me find the relevant experts in my company to push my project to further success.

Customize your experience with our Cobrainer API.

Our REST-API provides all functionalities from Cobrainer Talent and Cobrainer Expert at your fingertips. In just minutes, you can integrate Cobrainer with your products, systems and business processes. Bring Expertise Intelligence to your organisation and enrich your own user interfaces.

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How Cobrainer works

Empower your talent management with expertise intelligence.

Collect Expertise Data

Cobrainer continuously collects expertise related textual data from multiple public sources on the web, such as expert forums, social and business networks, news sites, publication databases and encyclopaedias.

machine learning algorithms

Cobrainer’s machine learning algorithms extract expertise concepts and expertise semantics to build and train its analytics engine, comprising millions of expertise concepts and relationships.

Cobrainer’s analysis

Continuously inject your project documentation, ATS data, talent development materials, job profile data and other accessible data sources to combine both internal and external expertise insights for Cobrainer’s analysis.

provide intelligent matches

The analysis enables your organisation to provide intelligent and up-to-date matches for your employees, such as jobs to candidates, or learning courses to employees. Recruiters can immediately see which internal employees have the best match to a job position.

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