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Growth Platform

Empower your employees to pursue meaningful careers, your HR team to engage your valuable talent, and your leadership to drive the skills of the future.


The world’s #1 People Growth and Skills Platform, Powered by a World-Leading AI

Cobrainer is at the heart of your HR tech stack. Your people will love it and your organization will save time, money and effort in allocating, training, retaining, and transforming their talent — all thanks to the world’s largest skill database. Surface your people’s skill strengths and gaps while creating internal career paths as unique as your people are.


Automatic, personalized internal career, skilling, and learning recommendations for every employee supercharges people development and employee retention.

Automatic Personal
Skill & Growth Profiles
Smart Internal
Career & Learning Paths
Actionable Details on Skill Strengths & Gaps
4x Employee Retention
3x Course Completion
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Every job opening and project receives an automatic, skill-based shortlist of relevant internal employees; This means you recruit faster, more cost-effective and unbiased.

Automatic Required
Skill Profiling for All Jobs
Automatic & Unbiased
Employee Shortlists
Actionable Details on
Candidate Skill-Fit
4x Positions filled with
Existing Internal Employees
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Workforce Transformation

Highly detailed and real-time skill data of all employees, job, projects, and courses; This means you have a data-driven and detailed action plan for your organizational transformation.

Unprecedented Detail in
Skill Portfolio Overview
Actionable Workforce Transformation Data
Newest Industry-Specific
Skill Data Out-of-The-Box
ZERO skill data curation
and maintenance effort
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